PictureShow: Lotsa Fun For iPhone Photograpers!

by Pu on September 8, 2010

There are so many toy camera apps around that it has become a really tough job for developers to come up with anything still able to draw iPhone users’ attention. Some toy cameras in the App Store are nothing more than mere replicas of more popular apps, just with an interface slightly different.

PictureShow has features that despite obvious similarities with other apps still make a difference in the crowded panorama of toy cameras apps. Let’s take a closer look to see why.

Main Features

  • Full resolution available;
  • 28 photo styles (HolgaGraphy, LomoGraphy, Noir, Retro, Instant, PopArt, etc.);
  • Rich collection of frames, noise textures and light effects;
  • Vignetting on/off;
  • Color correction;
  • Brightness and contrast adjustment;
  • Built-in editor to add text to the photos;
  • Autosaving on/off;
  • Possibility to share the photos via Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, Blogger and email.

Appotography Opinion

We had, and are having, so much fun with PictureShow. Graf’s app made us feel the refreshing novelty of our first period of iPhone photographing, when exploration of various techniques offered constantly new amusement. Despite its reproduction of filters that are abundantly used in other apps, Picture Show grants originally designed results, successfully combining a clean interface with a variety of possibilities. In fact, you have quite a few choices in the filters department, and mixing the effects to obtain unexpected outcomes sometimes is really endearing. It’s possible to scroll among effects and examine the various results and in case of mistakes it’s possible to reset and start over. The only thing I don’t like in PictureShow – and in other apps as well – is having borders with the app’s name stamped over them, which gives a bit the feeling of using a free app.

Here are versions of the same photos obtained with the randomizer button, which offers a nice additional touch and might really come in handy in moments of shortage of ideas.

Picture Show iPhone

Picture Show iPhone

Picture Show iPhone

Picture Show iPhone

Picture Show iPhone

Picture Show iPhone

PictureShow works both with photos taken on the spot and and with those stored in the camera roll.


Name: PictureShow
Developer: Graf
Compatibility: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad. iOS 3.1 or later.
Price: £0.59||$0.99||€0.79
Vote: 5/5

PictureShow - graf

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