HDR Photography for iPhone

HDR photography apps for iPhone are becoming more and more popular. Here is a selection of our coverage on some of most relevant HDR apps available in the iTunes store.

TrueHDR Updated to 2.3

New editing tools and presets to enhance your iPhone HDR.

by Pu on August 22, 2011

TrueHDR on Sale!

by Pu on August 17, 2011

TrueHDR Review

HDR without frills.

by Pu on June 27, 2011

A Brief Tone Mapping Guide To iCamera HDR

Tone mapping is your friend.

by Pu on May 25, 2011

iCamera HDR Review

Comprehensive HDR processing on iPhone.

by Pu on March 29, 2011

Pro HDR Review

Badly exposed photos: no more!

by Pu on October 24, 2010